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Solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

Products and services

Our services focus on profitable and sustainable farming systems that follow best practice commercial principles for business, soils and the environment. 

We also keep up to date with Government policies in relation to agriculture and investment support schemes.

  1. Farmland Lease

  2. Farming Skills Acquisition Trainings and Mentorship

  3. Farm Mapping Services 

  4. Flood and Erosion Prediction services 

  5. E-Agriculture and ICT Consultancy Services

  6. Agro Cooperatives for funding and support

  7. Farmers Agent and Representatives Services

  8. Climate Smart Agriculture Consultancy Services 

Fertilizers & 
Agro Cooperatives and Funding
Farm Management Services
Research & 
Climate Smart Agriculture
Farm Mapping and Yield Predictions
Logistics & 
E-Agriculture Consultancy 
Skills Acquisition &
Latest News 

Technical Expertise

May 20,


Our National team of consultants combine local knowledge with a wide range of technical expertise covering many aspects of livestock and crop production, policy and regulation. Our clients include farmers, growers, processors, retailers large and small across the supply chain

Knowledge Transfer

April 20,


The transfer of agricultural knowledge from research into farming practice is a constant requirement for our industry to develop new ways of working and thinking.

About us

Crowder provides independent advice with a practical, hands-on approach to integrated farm management and agronomy for organic and low input agriculture.

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