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Join our Bauchi Team for this workshop scheduled to hold physically in Bauchi - North East Nigeria. 


Holding at Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency BASEPA Conference Hall, Bauchi, Bauchi State.  

Date; 20th September 2022, 12noon (WAT) Prompt

Workshop Fee; Free to Attend but registration required


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Workshop Details; Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Auditing Process (Series 1)
1. Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment
2. Objectives of Environmental Impact Assessment
3. Challenges and Future of Environmental Impact Assessment


Who can attend;
#Power Sector Operators
#Agriculture Sector Operators 


Any other interested party.
Enquiries: 09137136449

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The workshop will explain the EIA 6 Steps for beginners 


  1. Scoping. Establish the boundaries of the EIA, set the basis of the analysis that will be conducted at each stage, describe the project alternatives and consult the affected public..

  2. Impact Assessment & Mitigation..

  3. Impact Management..

  4. The EIA Report..

  5. Review & Licensing..

  6. Monitoring.



Future Training series will cover the following; 


  1. Understanding Impact Assessment: Principles, Methods, and Emerging Trends.

  2. Achieving the Full Potential of Social Impact Assessment

  3. The Cultural Heritage Component of Impact Assessment: Class Room and Field Training In Methods and Issues.

  4. Cumulative Effects and Follow-Up in Impact Assessment.

  5. Increasing Tangibility in SEA through Valuation of Ecosystem Services.

  6. Involuntary Resettlement: Principles and Practice.

  7. Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation in Energy Projects: What Can Impact Assessment Offer?.

  8. Planning For Effective Public Participation.

  9. Quality Assurance in EIA: Guide and Review.

  10. Theory and Practice of Multi-criteria Analysis for Environmental Impact Assessment of Projects and Plans.

  11. Issues in Health Impact Assessment for the Energy Industry.

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