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Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation Programme (EPRP)

Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation Programme (EPRP) process is intended to facilitate a flexible response to changing environmental and socio-economic circumstances.


EPRP accommodates variations to schedule, on-going development and refinement of final rehabilitation arrangements/plans, and provide opportunities to improve environmental management strategies throughout a mining cycle.


The mining sector company develops a specific environmental protection and rehabilitation measures aimed at managing the closure and post closure outcomes of the project.


Operations associated with the identified significant environmental aspects of a mine is programmed to be consistent with its environmental policy, objectives and targets, in order to ensure that operations are carried out under specified conditions.


The overall aim of an EPRP is to ensure that the project is carried out in a safe and sustainable manner, resources are efficiently extracted, the environment is protected, and rehabilitation is achieved.

Other objectives include;

  • To provide efficient action plan for conducting quarry/mining operation.

  • To provide environmentally sound conditions suitable for future economic use for the mine site.

  • To rehabilitate/reclaim mine pits and provide efficient closure to mine projects.

  • To comply with applicable regulations of the MMSD.

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