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Agricultural Services

Crowder is one of the largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice. Our combination of insight and practical experience, underpinned by robust, informed, science-based information allows us to meet the needs of our domestic and international clients.

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Crop Services

Our fully experienced team of professionals agronomists are kept updated for “best practice” in all aspects of crop production to provide sound advice on rotational, varietal and cultural issues as well as cultivation, establishment techniques, nutrition and application technology.

A tailored package to choose from include; ​

  1. Crop and variety selection

  2. Seed treatment advice and application

  3. Cultivation options

  4. Crop inspection and targeted recommendations

  5. Seed rate and variable seed rate plans

  6. Precision application - variable rate nutrition and pesticide applications

  7. Soil sampling and interpretation

  8. Application technology

  9. Yield map production and interpretation

Drone flying and the resultant images give the most detailed and comprehensive view of what is happening in a crop. Ideal for assessing performance in all aspects of production.


Our team can fly our drones over your fields to create very high definition images which can then be viewed, analysed and used as a basis for applications in our cloud-based platform.

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E- Agriculture

Digital agriculture is defined as ICT and data ecosystems to support the development and delivery of timely, targeted information and services to make farming profitable and sustainable while delivering safe nutritious and affordable food for all. Digital technologies can help improve farm profits by improving productivity and resilience through more efficient use of land and water, improved access to capital, reduced product price dispersion across markets, and in some circumstances may lead to higher product prices and a higher share of retail prices for farmers.


We combine our expertise in crop, livestock and soil science with digital technology to produce innovative services and products that improve agro business practices and help increase yields. This helps drive safe and secure food supplies and contributes to a sustainable and resilient industry.

Digitally-enabled marketplaces for agricultural products (e-platforms) can potentially shorten agricultural value chains, provide access to new markets, reduce transaction costs, improve price transparency, and offer small and medium enterprises (SMEs) new business opportunities. 

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Livestock Services

Our team of livestock consultants have expertise across a range of livestock species including pigs, poultry, cattle and sheep etc.

We deliver a wide range of services across the supply chain, from animal husbandry, health and welfare through to nutrition and breeding, meat quality, business review and project management.


We work directly with individual farmers and levy bodies on research and development as well as knowledge transfer across the agricultural sector.  

We have expertise in greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation from livestock systems, climate change and resource use efficiency and work with a strong team of soil specialist and environmental scientists to deliver our client’s needs. 

Our services include:


  1. Livestock husbandry

  2. Health and welfare

  3. Resource management

  4. Waste reduction

  5. GHG reduction and mitigation

  6. Policy evaluation e.g. impact of changes in legislation

  7. Knowledge transfer to key stakeholders and farmers

  8. Market research

  9. Feasibility studies

  10. Business review and business management

  11. Nutrient planning and correct use of farm yard manures

  12. Research and development – on farm trials

  13. Animal nutrition

  14. Grassland and forage production

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Software Services

Real-time information reduces costs and increases accuracy of production or sales planning. Crowder software services improves business performance by reducing costs and enabling better decision-making and planning. Our software enables efficient management of field workers so that extension work can be directed as required. Real-time data saves time and money for procurement and logistics planning.

We provide softwares and Apps for livestock, crops, soil etc management.


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Soil Services

Our pH soil sampling service uses GPS technology for an accurate, and professional mapped job, managed and delivered by our own dedicated soil sampling team. Comprehensive soil profiling using a wide range physico-chemical and nutrient parameters tested in the laboratory can be a useful tool for decision making.

A complete, tailored, soil sampling, reporting and advisory service, 4 samples/ha as standard with grassland options available, intensive sampling efficiently tracks variable pH levels to save on lime, zone or field-based sampling for nutrients, reports on all soil status, nutrients, pests and diseases, analysis carried and, reports delivered using our unique online mapping application.

With our soil mapping services, we will provide you with easy-to-understand field maps showing pH and nutrient variability. Variable Rate spreading files can then be easily created and emailed directly to you.

Our Soil Scanning services is a one-off soil conductivity mapping which assists in the creation of zone useful for variable rate seed applications, drainage and irrigation planning.

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Soil Sampling and Testing

Integrated Farm Management

Crowder Integrated Farm Management (IFM) is a whole farm business management approach services that aims to delivers more sustainable farming. Crowder IFM combines the best of modern technology with traditional methods to help deliver prosperous farming that enriches the environment, engages local communities and delivers profit to the investor.

Our IFM addresses the entire farm business using specific nine section model. Each of the nine sections is interrelated and an understanding of how they work together is essential for the effective implementation of IFM.

1.     Organisation and Planning

2.     Soil Management and Fertility

3.     Crop Health and Protection

4.     Pollution Control and By-Product Management

5.     Animal Husbandry

6.     Energy Efficiency

7.     Water Management

8.     Landscape and Nature Conservation

9.     Community Health

Our Farm Management Farm management software automates the recording and storage of farm data, monitors and analyses farm activities and consumption, and tracks business expenses and farm budgets. Additionally, the software can support farm financial management with accounting programs, farm planning and procurement functionality, and marketing and budgeting tools.

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Farm Management

Learning and Mentorship Services

The transfer of agricultural knowledge from research into farming practice is a constant requirement for our industry to develop new ways of working and thinking.

Knowledge transfer is seen by many worldwide organisations and governments as a key innovation and area that requires more government and professional support to encourage best practice farming for air soil and water quality.

We provide some of this innovation by carrying out farm based training to individuals and group workshops on behalf of; 

  • Governments,

  • Private Sectors And

  • Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Religious Groups

  • Communities 

  • Investors

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Planning Services

We provide planning advice to shape land-use and ensure the right developments happen in the right locations.  We work with private, public and third sector clients to guide planning policies and deliver consents for a wide variety of Agricultural  projects.   

We recognise that greenfield sites and rural areas need special consideration and we have a comprehensive understanding of national and local planning policies and how they are best applied to a particular agro development.

Our planning consultancy is fully integrated with the wider Crowder environmental consultancy business. We are complimented by landscape, ecology, archaeology, land management, arboricultural and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) teams.


Our services include:


  1. Pre-planning advice and planning appraisals

  2. Planning applications

  3. Community consultation and stakeholder engagement

  4. Rural Matters and Agricultural Developments

  5. Feasibility Studies and promotion

  6. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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