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About Crowder 

Our team of business consultants have experience in delivering practical business solutions. With a detailed knowledge of all types of farming system, we can help with the development of your business plans. This might mean a change of direction, succession planning or improving the efficiency of a current system. Our plans are based on a practical and informed knowledge of farming and rural activities. We will help you achieve your goals and ambitions.
Our Company

We help to optimise revenues and asset values of farms and rural businesses by providing an all-encompassing advisory and management service for farmers, land owners (private individuals, corporates, institutions and charities), rural businesses and those working in food processing/retailing.


Our strategic advice, business planning and performance monitoring services help our clients to explore their options, benchmark performance, reduce costs, and increase income as well as profits. Working closely with our clients we help them to develop clear plans, designed to ensure long-term business viability. This is achieved through strategic business reviews; the creation of business plans; investment appraisals; the preparation of budgets and cash flows; plus setting up and managing contracts and agreements.


Crowder has an amazing track record of providing agricultural & environmental consultancy & research expertise to an enviable range of clients both in the private and public sector. We are a recognised leader in the agricultural, environmental and rural sectors. You can Join Us.

Environment & Sustainability

Crowder in all activities adheres to and provides environmental stewardship advice across a wide range of farm types and enterprises. Our services follow best practice principles for wildlife and the environment, soil, air and water that integrate with everyday farming and production.

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